About School


Our vision is-To Raise the rural students as a responsible, competent and professionally efficient global citizen. .

KIPS family is dedicated to implement progressive curriculum by collaborative planning, and organizing resources with strong co-ordination among Student-teacher-parent. We work together taking rigorous efforts to create safe and nurturing environment for learners to achieve our motto- “Nurture the Future”.

Dear Students, Parents and all Well Wishers, Kranti International Public School , Kundal is institutionalized as per the dreams of the Freedom Fighter, Kranti Agrani, Shri Late G D Bapuso Lad. At KIPS, we envision the dream of “raising farmers and other rural area students to the international standards by providing best suitable human and physical resources to empower Excellency in School Education”. The world is starving out of Peace, prosperity and Love for all mankind. Our school campus is fostering all these needs by inculcating moral values and core elements to mould future generations.

At KIPS our goal is to craft foundation of self dependent, leading, competent human resource for the nation. This will help the learner to endure the changing world firmly and lead happy, prosperous and peaceful life. To achieve this goal following aims are outlined
• Provide equal opportunities for all students.
• Provide continuous reconstruction of learning experiences.
• Promotion of technical skill and vocational efficiency at all stages (Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher secondary) in school.
• Encourage self expression through originality, creativity and inventiveness in students’ activities.
• Development of practical approach to bookish/ theoretical knowledge.
• Development of ability of constructive and independent thinking in each pupil.
• Development of the capacity of the pupil to sift truth from falsehood, fact from propaganda, and to reject the dangerous appeal of fanaticism and prejudice.
• Development of Democratic citizenship in students by inculcating core elements like- Passion for social justice, Spirit of true patriotism, Internationalism, Tolerance, Clearness in thinking, speech and writing, respect to new ideas.
• Cultivating rich interests in aesthetic sense, releasing the sources of creative energy in the students so that they may be able to appreciate their cultural heritage.
• Development of qualities for leadership to make the students assume the responsibility of leadership in the social, political, industrial or cultural fields-in their own small groups.

The main objective of educating children is “BETTER INDIVIDUAL, A BETTER LEARNER” a suitable environment has to be created for better learning. We have following implications to attain this-
• Focus on need based learning.
• Increase learner’s self-direction.
• Focus on learner’s self-actualization.
• Stress on self discipline and self- control.
• Advocate mutual tolerance and social understanding.
• Prepare to understand and master their physical environment.

  ‘The acquisition of knowledge is regarded as the test of successful schooling’, and KIPS has set the best example of successful schooling in a rural location.
  The quality of education must be reflected in the quality of life, in its value and grace. This reflection of qualities is being observed in our students. We believe that the children can acquire knowledge and skills easily if we can make the surrounding stimulating and purposeful. Digital revolution in the 21st century is rearing speedy changes in human life, and to meet the challenges in building competent future of children, our teachers are taking tireless efforts in updating and upgrading the methods of teaching time to time. Teamwork is the hallmark of KIPS. In such a surrounding when work and effort is valued, the child’s self esteem is heightened, and from this results self- motivation. We try to understand and work with each child and we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to enable the child in our care to develop as a whole.
   In KIPS, the set objectives of CBSE curriculum are carefully executed with resourceful management, effective administration, hard efforts taken by the students-teachers and the great support by the parents.
   The great educational philosopher Rousseau said “Since everything that comes into human mind enters through the gates of sense, man’s first reason is the reason of sense experience”. We follow the same principle at Pre-primary level, where child’s learning is done by “Sense Training” method of teaching. At Primary level all the linguistic skills, subject specific learning abilities are developed and sharpened. The students here will not remain pinned to the wall but will find hour to hour practical expression in the way they carry their studies, play their games, and organize their academic, cultural, and social activities. They are being raised with strong morals, good habits, attitude of self expression. At the secondary level we are making attempts by all the teachers to ensure that, in every activity of school students find expression of self fulfilment. Students try to perform all their tasks in and out of school with perfection. This inspires their hearts and minds to participate in everyday activities which in turn build the character on enduring foundations and stand the stress and strain of life. We are continuously getting rewards for diverse achievements progresses made and being made by the school in fullfilling the goal of imparting quality education.
   Our motto is to “Nurture The Future”, we are justifying this by facilitating students for training their body, mind, brain, and soul to transform their personalities in future as- Physically strong, emotionally balanced, Morally upright, Intellectual resource, Generous and creative, Confident to lead, Courageous to bring positive change. With this I believe our school is contributing in paving foundation of a strong future of self learned, self dependent individual, society, nation and the globe.


It is held every year. Students participate actively. They are very much interested to show their exhibits. These exhibits are from Science, Social Science, Maths, Computers, Arts & Crafts and Languages (English, Hindi and Urdu). Exhibitions on the occasion of Annual Function are always appreciated by Guardian’s, Visitors and Guests. The exhibition reflects the scientific temperament, creativity and thinking skill of the children

On the Annual Day, school organizes Annual Function with a great pomp and show followed by the cultural programmes presented by the students of different age groups and different classes.Children present various programmes like Drama, Songs, Speeches, Fancy dress etc.

The school arranges picnic, tours and excursions to the students every year to enhance their learning ability and also to see the sight of historical importance with their naked eyes.

Taking the fact into consideration that the sound mind dwells in the sound body, the school has been organizing Annual Sports. Our students have shown their excellence in Inter-school Athletic Championship and at Cluster-IV organized by C.B.S.E.